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New method for production of organic pigs with animal welfare

Organic pig farming with animal welfare

Like many others we have for long wanted a method for rearing organic pigs, where the pigs from birth to the end of their lives have living conditions with a high degree of animal welfare with the opportunity to develop their natural conduct and behavior.

This option is available now: Mobile huts with associated pens placed free-range and daily displaced a small distance to a new grazing area with fresh herbage and roots for the pigs to explore and eat. By finding feed in the field the pigs satisfy their natural behavioral needs and simultaneously contribute to the soil preparation and fertilization for subsequent sowing or planting without the need for resource intensive farming.


The demand for high quality products made from meat from pigs raised under ecologic conditions is growing rapidly, and today the demand is much greater than farmers are able to meet. The mobile huts with pens enable farmers to produce high quality organic meat that meets customer demand without major investments in buildings and indoor facilities.

It is well known that customers appreciate the high quality of organic meat and agree to pay higher prices for such products than for conventional products enabling the farmer to achieve a satisfactory profitability on his effort in breeding of organic pigs.

The use of mobile huts with pens also gives the farmer economic benefits in a reduction of the feed consumption as the pigs themselves find feed in the soil and thus reduces the amount of feed to be supplied by the farmer by up to 20% of the total feed intake.

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Mobile huts with pens

The mobile huts have been developed by Magnus and Måns Nyman Lindö in colaboration with the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering in Uppsala in Sweden. The huts have an automatic and programmable feed system and a water tank, which only need to be filled once a week. The displacement of the huts to a new grazing area can be done by a tractor or by a motor connected to the front of the hut. The automatic feed system as well as the motor is empowered by batteries supplied by electric power from solar panels on the roof of the hut.

With video cameras it is possible from a mobile phone to inspect the pigs at all times in addition to the daily inspection in the field when the huts and moved.

The mobile huts with pens are available for both sows and for the rearing of pigs. The houses are manufactured in various sizes with room for 10, 20 or 50 fattening pigs at a time.

Breeding of pigs in mobile huts with pens fulfils all ecology and animal welfare requirements.


The mobile pig huts with pens are manufactured in Denmark and can be ordered at:

Heldgaard, Kaederupvej 8, DK 3200 Helsinge, Denmark.
tel.: +45 40 45 00 77
If you need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.